Creative Strategies for Acquiring and Managing a Large STR Portfolio – TJ Tijani

TJ Tijani graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2012. While working in the oil and gas industry, he bought his first investment property in 2015. Between 2015 – 2017, TJ went on to complete several wholesale and fix and flip transactions. He also purchased several rental properties as well.

In 2017, TJ discovered the short term rental strategy and hasn’t looked back! TJ bought and remodeled his first short term rental property in November 2017. His portfolio now consists of a mix of single and multi-family properties that he buys, remodels, furnishes, and turns them into full time short term rentals. He also executes the known strategy known as rental arbitrage where he rents his units and makes them full time short tern rentals.

His focus now is purchasing medium size multifamily and converting them to Airbnb boutique hotels.

TJ also teaches and educates others on how they can start or grow their six or seven figure short-term rental business!

In this episode TJ talks about how he’s purchasing multifamily properties and converting them into short-term rental properties. He talks about the challenges around leasing, acquiring lending, and the solution he discovered to deal with that regarding these properties. TJ shares his story of being a Nigerian immigrant, working his way through school, becoming an engineer and getting laid off, which landed him in the position he’s in now.

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