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Creative Networking With Brokers to Increase Deal Flow – Dr. Mike Lorence

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Voted Top 40 under 40 in North America Private Equity, Dr. Mike Lorence is a geo-niched, Florida multifamily investor, professional speaker, capital raiser, podcaster, and Marine Corps veteran. He is the author of Endless, Effortless, Monthly Cash Flow, and host of the Florida Multifamily Investing Show. In 2018, Mike and his wife felt as if the private equity markets were over inflated and decided to pivot over to multifamily real estate in order to create streams of passive income and build true generational wealth. Mike and his wife currently invest in the Central Florida markets.

In this episode we discuss what Mike was doing before apartment investing, and what lead him to multifamily. We also cover the Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville markets and how they pertain to multifamily. Mike and his wife have a creative way to network with brokers, which we have yet to hear on this show before. Be sure to tune into this episode to learn more about the central Florida markets!

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