Converting the Rockefeller Into Multifamily – Kenny Wolfe

Kenny has been investing in multi-family real estate since 2010. Soon after, he co-founded Wolfe Investments (originally Wolfe RE Mgmt) in 2012. He has been involved in over $130MM+ worth of commercial real estate transactions throughout Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Ohio. Kenny is passionate about ensuring the success of every investment for his loyal investors. Prior to co-founding Wolfe Investments, he served as CFO for Twin Cities Development, LP. Kenny has a BBA from Baylor University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. When he’s not scouting for new deals, he enjoys discovering new vegan restaurants, rooting on the Broncos, and spending time with his wife kids.

In this episode Kenny talks about conversions of old office buildings into multifamily properties. He speaks in detail about the conversion of the Rockefeller building in Cleveland, OH into luxury apartments. His investors are projecting a 2.5x equity multiple. Kenny shares about other conversion projects and development projects. His team is investing nationwide and he shares why they are choosing mostly conversion projects.

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