Class A Apartment Arbitrage & Why Cash Flow Isn’t Important – Ben Leybovich

As a principal of both WhiteHaven and WhiteHaven Construction, Ben oversees new acquisitions, asset management, and investor relations. Ben has been a multifamily real estate investor since 2006 and maintains a private portfolio outside of WhiteHaven. Ben is a published author and a prolific blogger on the subject of real estate. He resides outside of Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona with his wife, Patrisha, and their two kids, Aaron and Isabella.

In this episode Ben talks about arbitrage, specifically arbitrage to construction in which he buys investments that are about 20 years old in order to arbitrage them. Ben then renovates them to compete with new constructions by offering a similar new construction finished product. Ben shares why he doesn’t care about cash flow and just wants the equity growth. He talks about how he and his partner are only investing in large class A properties. Ben shares how they took down a $100M deal and what it was like to raise $45M for that deal.

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