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Chiropractor Discovers “Mailbox Money” – Dr. Erin Hudson

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Today on the show, we have Dr. Erin Hudson. After many years of owning her own chiropractor practice, Erin discovered “mailbox money” and started building a single family portfolio and successful turn key company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the years she owned 26 single family homes, and successfully transacted 260 single family turnkey homes for her clients.

A few years later, she discovered the multifamily asset class and decided to transition over and partner with her now partners today to form Quattro Capital. With Quattro Capital, Erin focuses on acquisitions and capital development. Erin is a wife and mother of 5 children, and travels to third world countries to build homes for less fortunate families.

In this episode we discuss her process of discovering “mailbox money”, finding the right partners, growth mindset versus scarcity mindset, search criteria, buying real estate with no money down, thinking bigger, helping others, and giving back.

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