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Cash Flow is King With Grant Cardone

Today’s guest is the one and only Grant Cardone. Grant is an internationally renowned apartment syndicator and sales expert. He is the best selling author of seven books, including The 10X Rule. He is the creator of Cardone University, a sales coaching platform. He is by and large one of the biggest names in the apartment investing business, and he sits down with us today to discuss his past, present, and future outlook in investing in multifamily properties.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Grant’s early years in real estate investing
  • Why he likes apartments over wall street
  • What his portfolio looks like today
  • His thoughts on investing during the COVID pandemic
  • Where he likes to invest
  • How he uses his Gulfstream 550 as a competitive advantage
  • What his plans are for the future
  • What his biggest mistakes were
  • And much more!

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