Buying Workforce Housing and Value-Add C Class Apartments – Justin Fraser

Justin Fraser is an apartment syndicator, asset manager, and real estate investor, responsible for managing multiple apartment complexes across the country. Justin is an active partner in 5 apartment complexes holding 675 units. Justin built an asset management business, responsible for running the business of these apartment complexes. He is also the host of True Multifamily, a podcast about the business of apartment investing, showcasing the real work that happens after a deal closes.

In this episode Justin talks about his 600 unit $58M deal under contract. He specializes in asset management and shares his techniques for purchasing workforce housing and c-class value add properties in good locations.

Connect with Justin:

Website: www.derosagroup.com

Podcast: True Multifamily Show

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

Follow the show on Instagram: @themultifamilytakeoff