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Building Out Systems to Scale Your Business with Loren Jacobs

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Every business reaches a point where it has to learn to scale. Today’s guest joins us to discuss how he’s reached this point and is building out systems to increase the number of deals they can make offers on.

Today’s guest is Loren Jacobs. Loren is living in Canada but purchasing multifamily properties here in the States. After syndicating his first few properties he realized that winning a deal is a numbers game. You have to underwrite a lot of deals in order to find one worth purchasing, and of those there are a few you’ll submit an LOI on, and of those you might get to the best-and-final round of offers, and of those you might win one.

Loren tells us how he’s putting together a group of individuals that can funnel in a large volume of deals so that they can work through that funnel and eventually be making 10 offers per week. That’s a lot of offers, and Loren is going to tell you why they made that goal. Don’t miss this episode.