Build and Grow Your Real Estate Business – Mathew Owens

Mathew is the founder of OCG Properties LLC, a company that specializes in equity and cash flowing real estate investments. He earned his CPA license while performing audit and taxation engagements on large real estate firms and has now raised over $75M in private investor capital and flipped over 1000+ single family homes and value add multifamily assets. He currently specializes in lending capital to flippers and multifamily investors while helping investors invest in value add and cash flowing residential and multifamily real estate investments. He works with investors in multiple ways to acquire real estate in high cash flow markets around the country while helping investors develop various cash flow streams through syndications run by professional operators, promissory notes and other real estate related assets. Many of his clients benefit from his knowledge of real estate taxation and due diligence, legal and investment structuring, and long term investment planning and analysis.

In this episode, Mathew shares a unique perspective in the real estate game. He explains the various real estate deals he transacts in, including but not limited to, flipping houses, funding flips, multifamily syndications, small multifamily, and turnkey investments across asset classes. Mathew talks about how he built out his systems and teams to support all these different investment asset classes.

Connect with Mathew:

YouTube: @ocgmastersofrealestate

Email: invest@ocgproperties.com

Websites: www.ocgproperties.com & www.ocgcapital.org

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