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Break Into the Multifamily Space by Committing to Your Goals – David Acosta

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Today on the show we have one of our favorite investors, a San Diego local, and great friend of ours, David Acosta. David is a husband, father, real estate investor, and principle of Acosta Capital. David is from Fayetteville, N.C. and currently lives in San Diego, Ca. David first learned about real estate investing after reading the famous purple book – Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and later got his start in multifamily investing via a mentorship program with Michael Blank. Through this circle, David was introduced to Matt Faircloth who eventually invited David to be a part of his GP group in a 200+ unit Lexington deal. Shortly after, David took down his first deal as lead sponsor acquiring a 48 unit property also in the Lexington market. Since, David has acquired a beach front hotel and currently has another 200 + units under contract.

In this episode, we discuss David’s background and mentorship experience, how his relationship with Matt Faircloth came to fruition, how to provide value to others, the importance of staying persistent to reach your goals, learning lessons and takeaways from his first 48 unit deal, his recent beach front hotel acquisition in North Carolina, what lending is like in the hospitality asset class, a 200 + unit deal in Lexington him and his team currently have under contract, his two biggest mistakes in real estate investing, what his family life is like, what he enjoys doing in his free time, and much more!

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