Best In-Market Airbnb Strategies – Matt Floyd & Craig Gerulski

Matt grew up in small town Wisconsin and graduated from Beloit College in 2013.  He has lived in Spain, Boston, St. Maarten in the Caribbean, and now San Diego and started investing remotely in multi-family properties in Wisconsin in 2018.  Since then he’s focused on growing a short term rental portfolio with 7 properties in Nashville, Scottsdale, Wisconsin and San Diego.  Leveraging that operational experience, he partnered with Craig to launch a property management business at the end of 2019.  After persevering through some initial struggles at the start of Covid, they have now built a 7 figure business and plan to leverage their expertise to acquire hotels around the country.

Craig graduated from Purdue University with an engineering degree in 2014.  While working in San Diego as an engineer, he founded his short-term rental business and 3X his salary with the cash flow from his rentals in just 3 years. He personally owns 5 short term rental properties in San Diego, Nashville, and Scottsdale.  He founded a rental arbitrage and short-term rental management company with Matt Floyd in 2020.  That company currently has 4 rental arbitrage units and 18 other properties under management.  He spends a couple hours a week running the business compared to spending 40-50 hours a week working as an engineer.  Talk about time freedom!  His focus now is to keep expanding his personal short-term rental portfolio, take on new management clients, and purchase a boutique hotel by the end of the year.

In this episode, Matt and Craig talk about their double-digit real estate portfolio, which includes properties in the arbitrage, co-hosting, and outright ownership categories. They share how they got started and why they are still working their full-time W2 jobs. The guys share their favorite amenities and what they do to set themselves apart from the competition. Some of these strategies include extracting data from third party softwares. Listen to learn more!

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