Being an Active Buyer in Today’s Market – Brent Ritchie

Brent Ritchie is the founder and President of EnRitch Investment Group Inc. Brent has over 15 years of experience in engineering, construction and project management. His latest projects involve the ownership, management, operations and development of apartment buildings worth over $240MM.

As a professional engineer in Fortune 500 companies his award winning construction projects ranged from several hundred million to 3 billion internationally and are a major driver for operational excellence for all stakeholders. His design, construction and operational experience is be an invaluable asset in overseeing successful project executions.

In this episode, Brent talks about getting started in multifamily syndications while in Canada, and how he joined a multifamily mentorship program in Texas during 2017. He also talks about today’s market, where interest rates are and the competitiveness in multifamily deals as a result. Brent talks about how his relationship with brokers has been impacted because of fed increasing interest rates, which decreases buyer’s borrowing power. Shawn and Brent talk about how opportunities arise when the economy goes down, in a market like today’s.

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