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Asset Management Strategies for Value Add Deals – Ben Suttles

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Ben Suttles has been an entrepreneur for 15 years. He first started his career in IT sales and business development before transitioning into management. His background in management and sales helped him propel into commercial real estate, first starting in 2013. Over the last 7 years Ben has been involved in the acquisition & asset management of ten multifamily properties, through partnerships and Disrupt Equity. His portfolio totals over $100MM in AUM and the purchase and sale of over 1650+ units.

In this episode we discuss Ben’s first deal with his partner in Atlanta – a 99 unit property with prostitution, drug dealers, and unruly tenants. They took the occupancy from 80% down to 35% of purchase which benefited their investors. Ben also touches upon asset management, lending, and the importance of a “right fit” property manager.

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