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1,000 units in 2 years and best practices for asset management with Justin Fraser

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How quickly can you build a multifamily portfolio of 1,000 apartment units? Today’s guest was able to do it in just 2 years! Think you can do better? Listen in and see how our guest was able to scale so quickly.

Today’s guest is Justin Fraser. Justin bought his first single-family rental 6 years ago. He started with using his own money, then moved on to borrowing private money to buy more single-family homes. The cash flow was decent, but he soon learned the power of multifamily.

A guest speaker at his local meetup by the name of Matt Faircloth told his story of success with multifamily. Justin knew this was an opportunity to learn and grow. He added value to Matt by offering to locate, fund, and manage a multifamily property if Matt would lend his knowledge and expertise in the deal. Matt agreed, and that sparked a working relationship between the two that would lead to man more deals being closed over the next two years. Matt talks with us about how important it is to add value to others and ensure you and your partner’s skill sets complement each other.

We also get into the details of Justin’s specialty, asset management. Specifically, how he tracks and improves on tenant leads, how he manages his property manager, how he vets each member of the property management team, how he tracks the property’s capital, and so much more.

This episode is jam-packed with inspiration and asset management best practices. Don’t miss it!